The Riddet Institute has a pivotal role in bringing scientific excellence to the New Zealand food industry. Food is central to New Zealand’s economy and more than half of New Zealand’s export income derives from food products. More than ever before our food industry relies on science and technology to ensure premium products, efficient processes and, increasingly, the development of high value IP-embedded specialty food ingredients. We form strategic partnerships with key major NZ food companies and transfer knowledge and IP through our partners and networks.


Fonterra Chairs

The Riddet Institute has a long standing strategic relationship with New Zealand’s largest
company, the global dairy nutrition co-operative, Fonterra.

Professor Joanne Hort: Fonterra-Riddet Institute Chair in Sensory and Consumer Science

Distinguished Professor Harjinder Singh: Fonterra Chair in Dairy Science

Professor Sally Poppit – Fonterra Chair in Human Nutrition

Shalome Bassett

Sustainable Nutrition



The Riddet Institute is proud to run the Zespri Scientific Advisory board to provide stakeholders and customers with high-quality evidence-based scientific information about the role of kiwifruit in balanced diets for people at different life stages.


Alpha Holdings Group Ltd.

The Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre’s research evaluates extracts for biological activity from plants common in New Zealand. It is funded by Alpha Group Holdings Limited, a large, multi-national company that produces supplements based on traditional Chinese medicine and healthful food products.

Our current work includes work on Ginseng (Wei Chen, Dr Prabhu Balan & Dr David Popovich) and Kiwifruit (Alex Kanon. Dr Prabhu Balan, Dr Sharon Henare & Prof Warren McNabb