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High-Value Nutrition is the New Zealand National Science Challenge with the mission to grow the science excellence and knowledge New Zealand needs to create and deliver food to the world that people choose to stay healthy and well.

The team brings together New Zealand’s world-leading capability in food structure design, food formulations and food processing to explore innovative options for nutrient and bioactive bioavailability in model food projects.


Bioactive Food Systems

Bioactive Food Systems addresses the technological challenges around delivering food systems based on the needs of the Challenge health research programmes.

This project is investigating protection and delivery of bioactive components in premium formulated foods to provide preventative health benefits. We are bringing together new teams of researchers, including health, biomedical and food scientists to achieve innovations and opportunities for the New Zealand and global markets with substantiated health claims.

Project leader: Distinguished Professor Harjinder Singh

Dr Simon Loveday (Riddet Institute Associate Investigator)

Dr Zhigao Niu (Riddet Institute Affiliated Researcher)

Dr Alejandra Acevedo Fani (Riddet Institute Affiliated Researcher)

Dr Ali Rashidinejad (Riddet Institute Affiliated Researcher)


Complementary Infant Feeding

This project aims to produce commercial prototype products, for enhancement of prebiotic complementary feed for infants. Our staff examine current knowledge of bacteria, beneficial nutrients and whole foods, to support evolving infant gastrointestinal and immune systems.

Project Leader: Professor Warren McNabb

Starin McKeen (PhD Student)