Embedded in our Future Foods in Harmony with Nature research plan are the three interlinked research themes – Theme 1, 2 and 2. Two overarching supporting elements add to our approach: To understand and predict the behaviour of food systems, we will adopt an overarching complex systems science approach to our research themes and will embed the human dimension in our research.

Mātauranga Kai: a food-themed study of Māori well-being
Project leader Associate Professor Lisa Te Morenga
The Mātauranga Kai project comes under The Human Dimension principle of the CoRE research programme and focuses upon Māori aspirations in food and human health, combining both traditional and contemporary strands of knowledge. The research aims to provide insights into how Māori aspirations can be advanced through new food-based approaches to the study of traditional and contemporary mātauranga (knowledge) relating to kai (food).