Professor Gao is the President of the New Zealand Institute of Natural Medicine Research. He is a part-time professor, honourable professor and guest professor of several universities including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Qingdao University, Lanzhou University, Fujian Agriculture & Forestry University and Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China and Wonkwang University of Korea.He is a leading member of the New Zealand government organisation, Asia 2000 Fund; President of China Economic & Technological Promotion Council of New Zealand; and a world-renowned fungus scientist, medico-nutritionist and natural drug scientist.

Professor Gao has had more than 60 papers published at international conferences and in major journals, and has written 11 academic works including Magic Herbs of Shen Nong , Future Star of Bio-technology , Ganoderma Lucidum: Wonder Herb of the Century, The Science of Mushrooms, The Magic Kingdom of Gill Fungus and Open Air Cultivation of Lentinus Edodes with Culture Media . He was elected in 1992 one of the 50 Excellent Young and Middle-aged Scientists in China.

Awards & Honours

He is the holder of patents for several inventions. He has won numerous domestic and international invention awards, notably the Einstein Award; and he has invented more than 10 natural medicinal products, which are selling all over the world.