Professor Melton was the inaugural Director of the Food Science programmes at the University of Auckland and is Professor of Food Chemistry. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology. He has had 50 years of experience in food research and is the Editor of Food Chemistry.

Area of Expertise

1) The interaction of food pectins and polysaccharides and what are the consequences for food?

2) How do changes in plant cell walls alter the texture of fruit and vegetables on storage and processing?

3) The interaction of pectic enzymes and various pectins.

Current projects include:

Protein-Polysaccharide Interactions
There are four projects studying the interactions of the molecular level of an individual protein and a single polysaccharide. These projects are part of the Riddet Institute Centre of Research Excellence in food science research programme.Techniques unsed include isothermal titration calorimetry, analytical ultra-centrifugation, surface plasmon resonance, MALDI-TOF-mass spectrometry following enzymatic degradation, X-ray crytallography, nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR), computer modelling.