Duncan McGillivray is a Professor at the University of Auckland in the School of Chemical Sciences. After undergraduate study at the University of Auckland he trained in neutron and X-ray scattering at the Australian National University, the University of Oxford, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the USA. He is currently a Commissioner of the International Union of Crystallography Small Angle Scattering Commission.

His current research is focussed on understanding the physical basis of biology at surfaces and in colloids, investigating complex non-crystalline protein systems (including membrane proteins, food mixtures and protein colloids). He is particularly interested in understanding the structure of protein aggregates in solution, the delivery of bioactive molecules, and also understanding how the structures of food systems respond to damage or stress – such as oxidation or high pressure/temperature. His research is conducted extensively at major international facilities – including the Australian Synchrotron and Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering.


School of Chemical Sciences, University of Auckland