Thesis title: Plant protein-based emulsions: Structure, stability and digestion behaviour

The main objective of this research is to investigate the physico-chemical and structural properties as well as dynamic digestion behavior of plant protein-stabilized emulsions. The plant protein-stabilized emulsions will be studied in-depth to understand the influence of protein source, protein type, protein morphology, protein concentration, and processing conditions (heating, pH, homogenization and sonication) on emulsion formation and stability. Further, the gastrointestinal fate of the plant protein-stabilized emulsions will be explored comprehensively using dynamic in-vitro gastric and intestinal digestion techniques. The knowledge gained from this research will improve our understanding of the ability of plant proteins to stabilize emulsions and manipulate their characteristics in the digestive tract. The valuable findings obtained from this research will enable a widespread utilization of plant proteins in the development of healthier food products.