Lirong Cheng received her MSc degree in Food Technology from Wageningen University, Netherlands and then pursued her PhD degree in Food Technology at the Riddet Institute, at Massey University’s Palmerston North campus, in New Zealand. During her PhD, she focused on elucidating the interfacial structure-function relationships of a protein-based hieratical emulsion under different environmental stresses by using a range of structure characterising techniques, including CLSM, TEM, Rheology, Light scattering, SAXS, and (Ultra)SANS and beyond. She is currently doing postdoc research at the Riddet Institute, with research interests in developing novel non-invasive methods to characterize the in situ structural properties of plant-protein-based systems under different processing conditions. Dr Cheng has published original research papers in top colloidal and interfacial science journals. She is also a dedicated reviewer for a number of research journals in ACS publications, Elsevier and Wiley.


Massey University and The University of Auckland (Co-supervisor)