Thesis title: Weight management and the prevention of obesity – the role of dietary protein in regulation of appetite and food intake.

Obesity is a condition caused by positive energy balance. The fact that dieting and exercise often fail to control body weight is mainly due to the desire to eat (appetite). However, appetite can be lowered by consuming food with greater satiating capacity. The purpose of this project is to develop a food model which is able to induce satiety and suppress food intake, thereby prevent weight gain. This project will centre around the role of protein in regulating appetite. Developing the model involves a thorough investigation of postprandial change in gastrointestinal peptides and plasma amino acids. The predictive model will be tested through several clinical studies, which includes multiple acute feeding intervention trials and a medium-term intervention trial. The outcome of this study may potentially be useful in formulating food products with greater satiating capacity.

Jia presented his research at the Annual Riddet Institute Student Colloquium 2017 Three Minute Thesis competition. See his presentation here.


The University of Auckland