Evelyne Maes is a Senior Scientist leading the proteomics platform at AgResearch in Lincoln, New Zealand. She received her PhD from the University of Leuven (Belgium) in 2014 which focused on the development of both molecular and elemental mass spectrometry methods to detect low abundance proteins in a wide variety of clinical samples. Following her PhD, she joined the Centre for Proteomics of Antwerp University (Belgium) as postdoctoral research fellow where her main research topic was the application and development of clinical proteomics methods with a focus on tumour immunology. She joined AgResearch in 2016. In her current position, she applies her experience in proteomics, peptide chemistry and mass spectrometry to lead multiple projects that study proteins, protein modifications and endogenous peptides in samples spanning the food value chain, from farm to fork. Additionally, she drives methodological innovation in the agricultural proteomics field and further alignment of proteomics in a Systems Biology context.