Dr Yoo is a senior lecturer and the programme leader for food science in AUT University. She received her PhD from Monash University in 2009, on development of an in vitro digestion model (in vitro physicochemical upper gastrointestinal tract, IPUGS). Since she joined AUT in 2012, her research focused on development of value-added foods and examination of the digestibility patterns using an in vitro digestion model.

Area of Expertise

Currently she is working on enhancing the digestibility of meat and seafood based foods with the use of different food processing methods and mathematical modelling of the protein breakdown pattern at different stages of digestion. She is also working on development of yoghurt drinks with bioactives extracted from tamarillo, and dry-ageing of lamb and beef with AgResearch Ltd.


Senior lecturer and programme leader for food science, School of Science, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, AUT university