Dr Matthew Barnett graduated from The University of Auckland in May 2005 with a PhD in Biological Sciences, with his thesis research focusing on the importance of a mother’s diet during gestation and lactation on the risk of type-2 diabetes in her offspring. Since 2001 he has worked for AgResearch Limited in a range of roles (including Research Associate, FRST Postdoctoral Fellow, and Research Scientist) and on a variety of topics. He was part of the Nutrigenomics New Zealand collaboration from 2004-2014, working on understanding how diet and genome interact to influence health with a particular focus on intestinal function. While still working for AgResearch, Matthew is currently based at the University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute, and is involved in several projects investigating the importance of nutrition for health throughout life. While the primary focus of these projects remains intestinal health, other aspects of human health, including cognition and mobility, are increasingly of interest.