Dr Kieran Elborough is the Group General Manager – Technology Development at The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd (PFR).  Kieran has had a diverse science career to date, with a background that includes a lectureship at the University of Durham in the UK and a Chief Scientist role with a subsidiary of Fonterra.  In that time his research and teaching career was in cancer research, protein biochemistry, microbiology and plant molecular/breeding biology.

He has also held several posts within Plant & Food Research in the last 12 years as Business Development Manager, General Manager of Science-Food Innovation and General Manager of Science-New Cultivar Innovation.   As a Member of the NZ Institute of Directors, Kieran’s governance experience includes a Ministerial appointment on the Authority of the Environmental Risk Management Agency NZ and more recently several plant based companies both in New Zealand and overseas, and a startup biotechnology company.

For registration of Interests:

Group General Manager-Technology Development, Plant & Food Research

Director –  Rhindo International Ltd

Director –  Bio Polymer Network Ltd.