Dr Julie Dalziel is a Senior Scientist in the Food Nutrition & Health Team at AgResearch in Palmerston North. Dr Dalziel completed her PhD in Molecular Neuroscience at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University in 1999 on the pharmacology of ligand-gated ion channels from the human brain. Following postdoctoral research at Stanford University (USA) on voltage-gated ion channels, Dr Dalziel was awarded a Standard Marsden Fund grant (PI) to investigate novel toxins from endophytic fungi as pharmacological tools to elucidate key roles for BK potassium ion channels in motor coordination and control of heart rate. Since 2010 Dr Dalziel has researched mechanisms of action of food ingredients and probiotics on gastrointestinal motility in animals and tissue models, and via molecular receptors. Dr Dalziel is currently involved in a Joint Program Initiative EU project on health properties of fermented foods and several MBIE Programs in collaboration with the Riddet Institute investigating the ability of dairy foods to influence the gut-brain axis, and interactions between fermentation-derived peptides and human (GPCR) taste receptors.