A veterinary epidemiologist, Dr. Neumann is the owner of Epi-Insight Limited, an epidemiology consulting business with offices in New Zealand and the United States. Along with his role at the Riddet Institute, he is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Massey, and an Affiliate Associate Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology at Iowa State University. A registered veterinarian with a specialty in pig production and health, Dr. Neumann works globally in both the private and public sectors including New Zealand, Australia, South and Southeast Asia, and the United States. He has co-authored several textbooks and academic papers concerning animal diseases and pig medicine.  Along with expertise in epidemiology, biosecurity, food safety and zoonotic diseases, Dr. Neumann is also heavily involved in aid and development work related to One Health, disease surveillance and control, and diagnostic test evaluation.