Foundation Science Strategy Lead at AgResearch, Dr. Everett’s current research activities are centred upon colloid and surface chemistry reactions in food that produce flavour and texture, and the mechanisms of how food structure impacts upon digestibility and nutritional delivery.  Born in Australia, Professor Everett has a PhD in food science from the University of Wisconsin, is on the editorial board of both the International Dairy Journal and the Journal of Texture Studies, and is a Board Director of the American Dairy Science Association. He is also actively involved in the International Dairy Federation where he represents New Zealand on the Science Programme & Coordination Committee and the Standing Committee on Dairy Science and Technology.  He has worked on dairy industry research projects in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.  He has also served as the national president of the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology, where he was elected as a Fellow.  Along with his role as Adjunct Professor, Dr. Everett is a Riddet Institute Principal Investigator.