Dr Mitra has a Masters degree in food safety and risk analysis from University College Dublin, Ireland (V.V Giri Scholar) followed by a doctorate degree in food design and meat functionality from University of Copenhagen, Denmark in collaboration with Danish Meat Research Institute. He has worked within FMCG conglomerates and food start ups, where he was generating new value propositions for existing products in the market, at pilot and production scale. He is actively involved with European and other global projects with a vision of offering unique solutions to food manufacturers to overcome crtitcal challenges.

Dr Mitra is a a functional protein scientist and food innovator, and in his current role is translating innovative concepts from pipeline to the platform and is spearheading the transformation of raw materials into refined and premium end food products. With changing market trends and increasing customer demands, it has been absolutely crucial that innovators come up with ground breaking ideas and cutting edge technologies to shape the landscape of tomorrow’s food systems.