Dr. Rashidinejad is a research scientist/officer at the Riddet Institute, a National Centre of Research Excellence in food science and nutrition. His current main research focuses on the oral delivery of bioactive compounds (in particular, polyphenols) via functional foods. While this generally lies in the development of methods/technologies that protect/encapsulate bioactives, Ali is specifically interested in the behaviour of bioactive compounds in the food matrix and gastrointestinal tract, with a focus on polyphenol-enriched functional food products.

Dr. Rashidinejad’s research is both consumer and industry-oriented since the end products (functional foods containing protected bioactive compounds) can have substantial environmental and social impacts through the accessibility of the developed novel foods for the people in the community. Ali says “I believe my focus on food innovation and development of functional foods is an answer to the real-life questions as I strongly believe in tasty food for health and nutrition backed by credible science”.

Ali spends his spare time swimming, cycling, running, travelling/sightseeing, reading, and drinking copious amounts of GREEN TEA. In fact, green tea is his real cup of tea, and his Ph.D. thesis also titled “Cheese as a delivery vehicle for green tea catechins”!