Thesis Title: Elite gut; host-microbe interactions and our microbiome.

Our intestine is instrumental in deciding which dietary-related components enter our bodies. Dysfunction of this barrier is linked to a range of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases in the gut, and throughout the body. This includes Irritable Bowel Syndrome which we are using as a model to help design future foods that will have proven health claims for benefits to broader gut function and health in consumers, particularly in Asian markets. My research will study the interactions between the microbiome and its host to better characterise the phenotypes of patients (the COMFORT cohort) with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, an important first step in establishing this model for designing future gut health and wellbeing foods.

The Project is aligned to the goals of, and partially funded by, the National Science Challenge High-Value Nutrition Elite Gut priority programme.


AgResearch and Massey University