Associate Professor Miranda Mirosa is a Consumer Food Scientist with a background in agri-food marketing and consumer behaviour. She leads a Sustainable Food Systems Behavioural Research Group whose mission is catalysing change for a more sustainable food future. She conducts fundamental and translational behavioural research focused on improving people and planetary health. Miranda’s research is providing a credible evidence base for decision-makers in NZ’s food industry, the waste sector, the government and civil society organisations in areas such as increasing consumption of plant-based foods, improving acceptance of smart and sustainable food packaging, and food safety risk communication. Miranda is the Director of the University of Otago Food Waste Innovation Research Theme which measures food waste, develops reduction strategies, applies innovative technology, and works to modify producer and consumer behaviour. As NZ’s leading provider of food waste-related research, this group of interdisciplinary researchers harnesses the best scientific expertise at the University and nationwide in order to provide effective solutions to food waste problems.