Professor Ye joined the Riddet Centre in 2003. In 2005, he moved to the Fonterra Research Centre to work on the New Zealand dairy industry. He moved back to the Riddet Institute in 2008. He has published over 90 papers in peer-reviewed journals and holds 7 patents. In 2009 he was awarded the Massey University Research Medal (early careers).

His research is focused on the physical and chemical characteristics of food components, interactions during processing, and functionality in food systems, such as texture, appearance, shelf-life and nutrition, especially on the relationships between structure and functional properties of milk proteins and fat in food colloids e.g. emulsion and drink. He has now broadened his research to investigate the behaviour of food structure during digestion processes and the influence of the physical properties on the digestion and absorption in the body. This work will establish a relationship between the physical properties and the nutrition of food components.