Feed our Future: A New Zealand Sustainable Food Systems Dialogue

June 9, 2021 9:30 am

Sustainably feeding a growing population is a global problem, but also one for New Zealand to consider. Where does our reputation for high quality, premium food products fit in a hungrier world? How can kiwi innovation and ingenuity make a difference to the global future of food?

At this event, stakeholders and decision makers will come together for accessible evidence-based discussion of the key global issues and the local decisions that we need to make. We will explore the current conversation of sustainable food, bringing moderation and balance to what is often a debate of extremes. This dialogue will inspire our future decisions and put New Zealand at the front of the sustainable food systems debate.

This is an invite only event. To enquire or register your interest for information, please email us on info@riddet.ac.nz

Please visit the Riddet Institute’s Sustainable Nutrition Initiative (www.sustainablenutritioninitiative.com) for information, debate and analysis of sustainable food, sustainable nutrition, food systems and food waste research. Our work looks behind the headlines and hype, to deliver evidence based, accessible stories about the future of food.


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