Case Studies

The Riddet Institute is engaged in exciting work that revolves around understanding what is needed to create new, healthier foods in the future.

Controlling the bioavailability of fatty acids will help people with high blood lipid levels
Personalised foods are the way of the future. Our scientists have devised a way to customise your own food and the first prototype has been produced.
Glycaemic glucose equivalents (GGE), represents the glycaemic potency of whole foods as consumed in relevant quantities. This is more useful for consumers, nutritionists and food producers than measures based on food carbohydrate composition alone.
Riddet Institute Principal Investigator Professor R. Paul Singh from the University of California, Davis, is developing a fundamental understanding of how solid foods disintegrate in the body under the combined influence of physical forces and biochemical reactions.
The omega-3 technology developed by Professor Harjinder Singh is now being marketed across Europe and North America by Croda Europe