Distinguished Prof. Harjinder Singh

06 951 7317
Ph.D. Food Science and Technology, National University of Ireland, 1986

Areas of Expertise

Professor Singh's current research programme involves understanding structures, interactions, and functions of food proteins; food emulsions, encapsulation, protection and delivery of bioactive compounds in foods and food formulations. He has published over 270 research papers in international journals, and holds ten patents. He has presented over 80 keynote addresses at national and international conferences.

Awards and Honours

  • Distinguished Professor award, Massey University (2013).
  • Co-recipient of the Prime Minister's Science Prize (2012), the most prestigious science honour in New Zealand.
  • Shorland Medal (2011) by the New Zealand Association of Scientists. This medal is in recognition of major and continued contribution to basic or applied research that has added significantly to scientific understanding or resulted in significant benefits to society.
  • JC Andrews Award (2011) by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology. This is the Institute's most prestigious award and recognises individuals who have made a substantial contribution to science and technology and leadership in the food industry.
  • Awarded William C. Haines Dairy Science Award (2008) by the California Dairy Research Foundation (USA) for making outstanding contributions to dairy science and dairy industry worldwide.
  • Awarded Massey University Research Medal (individual) (2008) for distinction in research.
  • Awarded Marschall Rhodia International Dairy Science Award (2001). This highly prestigious award given by the American Dairy Science Association recognizes outstanding accomplishments in research and development by a researcher outside the USA and Canada in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, technology, and engineering pertaining to the dairy foods industries.
  • Awarded Massey University Research Medal (Team) (2005) for making outstanding research contributions and team leadership.
  • Selected as ISI Highly Cited Researcher for exceptional citation count in the field of Agricultural Science (2006). Ranked top 15 in the world in the period 1996-2006 by Science Watch (Thompson Scientific, USA).


  • Elected Fellow of Royal Society of New Zealand (2002) in recognition of distinction in research and the advancement of science.
  • Elected Fellow of the International academy of Food Science and Technology, (2006). This fellowship recognises outstanding contributions to the field of food science and advancement of knowledge.
  • Elected Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology, (2006). This fellowship recognises outstanding contributions to the field of food science and technology.
  • Elected Fellow of the United States Institute of Food Technologists (2015) in recognition of outstanding contributions to the food science and technology field.

Selected Publications

  • Mittal, V.A., Ellis, A., Ye, A., Edwards, P., Das, S., and Singh, H. (2015). Iron binding to caseins in the presence of orthophosphate. Food Chemistry, 190, 128-134.
  • Taneja, A., Ye, A., and Singh, H. (2015). Influence of protein concentration on the stability of oil-in-water emulsions formed with aggregated milk proteins during spray drying. Dairy Science & Technology, 95(3), 279-293.
  • Loveday, S.M., Peram, M.R., Singh, H., Ye, A., and Jameson, G.B. (2014). Digestive diversity and kinetic intrigue among heated and unheated β-lactoglobulin species. Food & Function, 5(11), 2783-2791.
  • Tercinier, L., Ye, A., Singh, A., Anema, S.G., and Singh, H. (2014). Effects of ionic strength, pH and milk serum composition on adsorption of milk proteins on to hydroxyapatite particles. Food Biophysics, 9(4), 341-348.
  • Gallier, S., Rutherfurd, S.M., Moughan, P.J. and Singh, H. (2014). Effect of the food matrix microstructure on the stomach emptying rate and apparent ileal fatty acid digestibility of almond lipids. Food and Function, 5(10), 2410-2419.
  • Poddar, D., Das, S., Jones, G., Palmer, J., Jameson, G.B., Haverkamp, R.G., and Singh, H. (2014). Stability of probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei during storage as affected by the drying method. International Dairy Journal, 39, 1-7.
  • Guo, Q., Ye, A., Lad, M., Dalgleish, D., and Singh, H. (2014). Behaviour of whey protein emulsion gel during oral and gastric digestion: Effect of droplet size. Soft Matter, 10(23), 4173-4183.
  • Dave, A.C., Loveday, S.M., Anema, S.G., and Singh, H. (2014). Glycation as a tool to probe the mechanism of β-Lactoglobulin nanofibril self-assembly. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 62, 3269-3278.