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An energising scholastic environment

The Institute provides a challenging, yet supportive, scholastic environment for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Our students come from institutions all over the world to be part of our world-class learning environment. The Institute has an express objective of populating industry and academia with thoroughly trained high-achieving scientists. Many of our graduates go on to top positions in industry and academia.

The Institute offers training and employment opportunities for postgraduate students, post-doctoral fellows and overseas research interns. It also runs a Visiting Fellowship programme for scientists who are leaders in their field.  Postgraduate Scholarships are for full-time study towards Masters or PhD qualifications. Internships for overseas students are for a period of three to six months

If you are interested in a position within the Riddet Institute see below for current opportunities for employment and studentships.


PhD Studentship – Determining the influence of emulsion composition and structural dynamics on lipaemic inflammatory response

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship at the Riddet Institute in New Zealand.

Contributing to the Riddet Institute research platform on Structuring Foods for Optimal Functionality and Health:

The student will be expected to develop hypotheses for the formulation and preparation of emulsion systems with predictive structural dynamics during digestion. The student will also be expected to develop and apply an appropriate in vitro system to characterise emulsion structure and properties during simulated digestion. Using appropriate in vitro and in vivo analysis and supporting techniques the student will additionally aim to determine whether the structure and composition of emulsions influence the dynamics of lipid digestion and subsequent inflammatory response associated with the consumption of food lipids. The project will also aim to determine whether and how structured emulsions influence the properties of lipid soluble anti-inflammatory bioactives in relation to their bioefficacy.

Students with a strong academic background in physical chemistry, with emphasis on colloid science are invited to apply. Likewise students with a strong academic record in human biology and physiology are also invited to apply.

The successful student will receive an annual stipend of NZ$30,000 and a contribution of up to NZ$8000 towards student fees.

If interested, please send a CV and covering letter explaining your interest in the position to Professor Matt Golding(

Deadline for submissions is 31st January 2017

The Riddet Institute, hosted at Massey University in the heart of New Zealand, is a national Centre of Research Excellence. The institute has world-class competency in the areas of biomaterials science and digestive physiology relating to nutrient absorption and metabolism (


Postdoctoral position in Dairy Physical-Chemistry

We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Fellow for 3 years (subject to yearly performance) to work in the area of physical-chemistry of goat nutritional powders.  The position will be based at the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Auckland with regular travels to Hamilton. The main aim of the position is to develop a deeper understanding of the physical-chemistry of goat milk and goat milk nutritional powders that contribute to processing efficiency and biological properties of goat milk.  This will include collation of data on composition, rheological and in vitro digestion characteristics, and interactions between components during spray-drying processes that differentiate goat from cow milk and have impact on the biological and nutritional properties of goat milk and goat milk nutritional powders. For further details contact A/Prof Yacine Hemar ( Tel +64 9 293 9676).