Consumer and Sensory Science Training: Quality Assurance and Control

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Consumer and Sensory Science Training: Quality Assurance and Control

WHEN: 17 April 2019
WHERE: Massey University, Palmerston North
COST: $600 + GST includes course materials and lunch.


This one-day interactive course, with a balance of theory and practicals, provides an introduction to the application of sensory evaluation in Quality Assurance for the food industry. It is suitable for those working in food quality assurance as well as food technologists, technicians and sensory specialists.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of Sensory QC programmes
  • Recognise the elements of a good sensory specification
  • Outline the key considerations for running and reporting sensory QC tests
  • Outline the relative merits of key methods for sensory QC and where they are best applied.


  1. Aims of a  QA/QC programme
  2. Importance of sensory quality
  3. Sensory specifications
  4. Designing a sensory QC programme
  5. Sensory methods for QC


The course is delivered by Professor Joanne Hort (Massey University), an internationally recognised expert in Consumer & Sensory Science, and Dr Monica Campbell, (Director of Q2+ Consultancy Ltd) who has 20 years experience managing and leading consumer and sensory projects in the UK, European, Australasian, North American and Asian markets.

Prof Joanne Hort

How to register:

Please contact Eteta our FEAST administrator ( to request a booking form and details concerning accommodation. Please contact for queries regarding course content.

* Subject to sufficient delegates registering